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This week's Japanese member's profile

Tokyo higashinakanoF45-49profile?
Tokyo denentyofuF30-34profile?
Tokyo shibuyaF45-49profile?
Tokyo ginzaF25-29profile?
Tokyo 23kuM25-29profile?
Tokyo shinagawaF35-39profile?
Tokyo meguroF60-profile?
Tokyo adachi-kuF50-54profile?
Tokyo shibuyaF18-24profile?
Tokyo sangenchayaF40-44profile?
Tokyo shibuyaF50-54profile?
Tokyo shinjyukuF25-29profile?
Tokyo shinjyukuF25-29profile?
Tokyo denentoshi lineF40-44profile?
Tokyo setagaya-kuM18-24profile?
Tokyo setagaya-kuF40-44profile?
Tokyo aoyamaF55-59profile?
Tokyo arakawa-kuF40-44profile?
Tokyo ikebukuroM45-49profile?
Kanagawa kawasakiF45-49profile
Kanagawa yokohamaM25-29profile
Kanagawa yokosukaF35-39profile

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language conversation exchange partners

ServiceIntroduction feeLesson fee
language exchange partner introduction0yen0 yen
Japanese language teacher introduction0yencharged

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~どうし/Japanese verb~

~けいようし/Japanese adjective~

~たいです/I want to~

~たいです/masu form

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terms of use

  • Our service is to support each entry person find a Japanese teacher and language exchange partner and student.
  • We(Learning Catchball) do not check each entry person's ID.
  • We do not take any responsibility for any troubles between you and your teacher, language exchange partner, student.
  • We(Learning Catchball) can not be responsible for the truth of each entry information and the quality of each entry person's character(personality).
  • In case we(Learning Catchball) find your entry information is MLM business or false or illegal, we delete your entry.
  • In case you cause damage on learning-catchball,we(Learning Catchball) do demand payment to you.
  • In case you want to delete your entry information or withdraw from learning-catchball, please contact us soon.
  • We can not accept applicants under the age of 18.
  • We(Learning Catchball) revise these terms of use whenever we need.

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