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Service fee

Online private Japanese tutor

You can take personalized Japanese lessons online.

Lesson courseLesson fee
30 minutes course1500yen
45 minutes course2000yen
60 minutes course2500yen
Application fee0 yen
Introduction fee0 yen
Trial lesson0 yen


Online Japanese group lesson

You can learn Japanese online at more reasonable price

Number of studentsLesson fee
2 students2000yen hourly per 1 student
3 students1500yen hourly per 1 student
4 students1250yen hourly per 1 student
5~ students1000yen hourly per 1 student

Online Group lesson with friends

Meet up Japanese tutor

You can learn Japanese in person(face to face).

Introduction fee0 yen
Trial lesson fee0 yen
Lesson fee3,000yen hourly
Transportation fee1000yen for round trip
lesson areawithin 500yen(one way) from Shinjyuku


Language exchange lesson

You can learn Japanese conversation for free from your partner.

Application fee0 yen
Lesson fee0 yen
Introduction feerefer to the following


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