Private Japanese teacher,language exchange partner,Japanese conversation,JLPT in Tokyo,Kanagawa,yokohama,Saitama,Chiba.


Review(language exchange partner)

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画像の説明female35-39Tokyo shinjyukuI liked a serious partner, Learning Catchball introduced me a good partner who was eager to teach Japanese and learn English. I meet up with my partner once a week,my partner corrects my mistakes through our conversation, It is so helpful for me
画像の説明male30-34Kanagawa yokohamaI needed to learn Japanese conversation as soon as possible. Learning Catchball introduced me a partner within one week after my application. I think my Japanese is getting better.
画像の説明female18-24Tokyo shinagawaI am thinking of studying abroad, for that I needed to learn English and liked to make friends with international people. I am enjoying not only language exchange but also talking with my partner about many topics.
画像の説明male30-34Chiba matsudoI liked a partner around my age, Learning Catchball arranged a good partner for me. I am enjoying conversation with my partner.
画像の説明female25-29Tokyo shibuyaI want be a Japanese teacher in the future. My partner asks me many questions everytime, it is so good for me. Sometimes I teach Japanese to my partner in English, it helps me to keep up my English skill.
画像の説明female40-44Kanagawa kawasakiI needed Japanese speaking skill for finding a job in Japan.My partner teaches me not only conversational Japanese but also interview practice. I request my partner to be an interviewer and ask me some questions in Japanese everytime in order to be able to communicate in Japanese well.
画像の説明female25-29Tokyo uenoI needed to practice Japanese conversation. I took Japanese classes at Japanese school, but I had few opportunities to speak in Japanese. We regularly meet up and enjoy conversation. I think it works well for me.
画像の説明male30-34Saitama saitama cityI like to meet new people, so I joined this system. Learning Catchball introduced me a partner who met my requests. We enjoy not only language exchange but also culture exchange.If possible, I like to meet more partner.
画像の説明female45-49Kanagawa yokohamaI liked a partner who corrects my mistakes. Learning Catchball introduced me 2 partners(male/female). They correct my mistakes and help me to improve my Japanese. I appreciate Learning Catchball so much.

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