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Message from our representative.

I am Taro Koyanagi,representative at Learning Catchball.I was Japanese teacher and manager at Japanese language school. I like to meet new people and want to help international people to learn Japanese and Japanese people to learn language. Please join us and let's learn together! Ganbarimashou!!!

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We staffs have worked at Japanese language school as Japanese teacher, so we can help our Japanese members to teach Japanese. We like many people to learn Japanese and enjoy conversation in Japanese. 

LCB Japanese language learning method


Video lessonYou can check our free Video lessons for basic Japanese Grammar and learn basic Japanese
online flash card①You can check 7213 words(Level N5-N1) and learn their pronunciation and meaning with English translation
online flash card②You can check Japanese vocabulary with sample sentences and learn them with English translation


ServiceJapanese language teacher
Application fee0 yen
Introduction fee5,000 yen 0 yen if you apply for this service by the 31th December.
Lesson fee2000~4000yen hourly
Servicelanguage exchange partner
Application fee0 yen
Introduction fee0 yen
Lesson fee0 yen
ServiceOnline lessons
Application fee0 yen
Introduction fee5,000 yen 0 yen if you apply for this service by the 31th December.
Lesson fee3,000 yen hourly


Online interview for 45 minutesWe give you an evaluation sheet and some advices to improve your Japanese skills3,000yen per one trial
age30-34years old
self-introductionI have experience to teach Japanese at Japanese language institute for more than 3 years and teach business Japanese at trade company. I am familiar with JLPT,too.

Online interview for 45 minutes

Q&ATeacher asks you to introduce yourself in Japanese and asks you some questions to check your Japanese skills10minutes
practiceYou can select a topic/situation from the list below and practice Japanese conversation.30minutes
counselingTeacher asks you what your target to learn Japanese is and by when you like to achieve your goal and how many times a week you can take lessons.5minutes
1basic Japanese :basic Japanese patterns/verb/adjective form/5W1H/Hiragana/katakana
2free talking about update news : Let's talk about update news(movie,sports,etc)
3making sentences practice : Let's make sentences with vocabulary on online flash cards
4JLPT : JLPT practice from N5 to N1
5at a job interview : How to apply for a job/answer questions by job interviewer,etc
6emergency(119/110) : How to ask for a help from police office/fire office,etc
7in the hospital/dental clinic : How to explain your symptom to your doctor,etc
8in a restaurant : How to order what you like to eat,etc
9in real estate : How to find an apartment which meets your requests,etc
10in the office/company : How to make an appointment with a client,etc
11at a party/blind group date : How to make friends with Japanese people in Japanese,etc
12at department store : How to explain what you are looking for to a sales staff,etc
13at a meeting/debate : How to convey your idea in Japanese,etc
14at trouble consultation : How to comfort/encourage someone in Japanese,etc
15at station/airport/taxi : How to ask/instruct the way you like to go,etc

evaluation sheet

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