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What is the Learning Catchball?

Japanese teachers/language exchange partners profile

language exchange partner(Tokyo)profile23732profile23645
language exchange partner(kanagawa)profile23653profile23677
language exchange partner(Chiba)profile23670profile23710
language exchange partner(Saitama)profile23763profile23753
Japanese teacher(Tokyo)profile092profile086
Japanese teacher(Tokyo)profile082profile078
Japanese teacher(kanagawa)profile102profile061

Japanese members by occupation

occupationgood points
Japanese TeacherYou can learn Japanese for free from a professional teacher at Japanese language School.
business personYou can not only learn Japanese,but also expect to build your business network.
housewifeYou can do the language exchange with your children if you and your language partner are OK.
studentStudents are flexible with time schedule, so you can do the language exchange as much as possible.
artistYou can do not only the language exchange but also the cultural exchange.


  • If you like a language exchange partner, please click the button below and go to the page for language exchange partner.


How long does it take to complete the basic course?

  • From this basic Japanese course, you can learn Japanese language skills which are equivalent to what you learn at Japanese language school for 3 - 6 months(It costs about 150,000-400,000 yen to learn them at Japanese language school)
  • With our private basic Japanese course and free Video lessons, almost of our applicants can learn them at less than 60,000yen except application fee 10,000yen. Please note this is not to guarantee. It depends on conditions how the student can concentrate on learning Japanese.
Student Japanese levellesson time to learntotal lesson fee
level zeroless than 30 hoursless than 60,000yen
level 1less than 25 hoursless than 50,000yen
level 2less than 20 hoursless than 40,000yen
level 3less than 15 hoursless than 30,000yen

Sample lesson curriculum

Lesson time 60 minutessituation:hospital
15 minutesYou can learn vocabulary related to health/hospital/medicine
15 minutesYou can learn grammar/pattern for conversation in hospital
15 minutesYou can practice conversation in hospital:Teacher plays a role in a doctor and student plays a role in patient.
15 minutesLet's talk about the topic 『health/hospital/dental clinic』Teacher correct your conversation mistakes

Practical conversation course

  • This is practical Japanese conversation course, so applicant for this course need to have basic Japanese language skills(more than JLPT N4).
Good point①You can learn Japanese conversation,useful expressions on various situation.
Good point②You can build up Japanese vocabulary on various situation.
Good point③You can get useful information about a dailylife in Japan from conversational practice on various situation.
  • We can check your Japanese language skills at a free trial lesson and suggest you if you need to learn basic Japanese course above or not before taking practical conversation course.

Sample lesson of practical situation conversation

  • Situation:When you were walking in the street with your friend,suddenly your friend collapsed. Please call an ambulance(119) and explain the situation to the staff in Japanese. Please check questions below which emergency staff will ask you by phone.
  • Situation:You are taking a job interview. Please check questions which job interviewer will ask you at the job interview.

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