We are offering language exchange lesson and online Japanese lessons. We introduce you serious language exchange partners in Tokyo/Yokohama area, online Japanese teachers who help you to learn Japanese conversation, JLPT, Basic Japanese, Japanese culture.




GradeLevelCan do
N4Basic to intermediateShopping/travel/telephone
N3Intermediatedaily life Japanese
N2Intermediate to advancedPart-time job/Job Interview

  • If you like to talk with our staffs at first, please click the button below and contact us through the messenger. ※Please note that sometimes we might not be able to respond your message immediately. Then please leave your message. We will reply you as soon as possible.


  • If you like to try the serious language exchange, we can introduce you serious language exchange partners. You can learn Japanese for free, in return you need to teach English for free. Our Japanese members are eager to learn and teach, so you can improve your Japanese speaking skills through serious language exchange. Please click the button below and go to the page for language exchange's application.

Language exchange partner

  • 会話テキストブック

  • 恋愛スピーキングテキスト

  • 感情テキストブック

  • 質問するテキストブック

Lesson points

Before the classWe offer you E-textbooks every time before the class, so that you can learn Japanese vocabulary related to the topic and basic Japanese patterns for role play practice in advance.
In the classYou can focus on speaking practice with role play and topic conversation. In order to practice speaking Japanese efficiently, we recommend you learn the E-textbook we offer you in advance

  • Video Message (optional service):If you like, you can introduce yourself through the video message(within 1 minute). Please check the sample of video message below. Please introduce yourself both in English and Japanese. If it is difficult to introduce yourself in Japanese, then only in English is also fine. We prioritize the applicants with the video message and display your video message on the page our Japanese members check, so that you can expect to get your language partner much easily. Please select 『Yes』on the video message on the application form below.
  • Sample of video message

Live lesson on Facebook

  • Next free live lesson on the 14th June 10:30~. We introduce Japanese vocabulary beginning with Hiragana『お』. Please send us your Japanese sentences through the messanger on Facebook, then we correct your Japanese sentences to more natural Japanese for free. Learning vocabulary is the most important to improve your Japanese skills.


  • The previous live lesson

Update online Japanese tutor

  • Please click the profile and you can check the tutor's profile and contact with the tutor.

  • Japanese conversation(Daily life/Topic/Role play/Situation/Business conversation)
  • We have original textbook PDF for conversation practice. If you like, please click the letters(ダウンロード) below. It is written only in Japanese, so It might be difficult for beginner level. Let's ask your partner!

  • Please note this is not to guarantee that you can get the skills. It depends on how much the student can concentrate on learning Japanese. We recommend our students check our free video lessons before taking our Online lessons.

Sample of voice message(English)

Sample of voice message(Japanese)

Topic conversation list

  • Please click here and get more information
    • Levelcurriculumtargetsample video
      1make sentence(words)word + word、pattern practice

      | 1| make sentence(picture) |word + word、pattern practice|#playvideo(mov/pic

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