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Sample online textbook

  • Basic conversation textbook
  • Practical conversation textbook
  • 会話テキストブック

  • 恋愛スピーキングテキスト

  • 感情テキストブック

  • 質問するテキストブック

  • Textbook : You can check the lesson content(PDF data) in advance.

Online flash cards

convenience storeコンビニ3?
Season and weather季節と天気?
Old age老後3?
Vehicle and station乗り物と駅?
hospital and medicine病院と薬?
Movie and Music映画と音楽3?
To express an emotion感情を表す?
real estate不動産3?
immigration center入国管理局3?
Bank and post office銀行と郵便局?
Electric appliances電化製品3?
Everyday life日常生活3?
Pronoun and kosoado代名詞/こそあど?
Basic verb 100基本動詞3?
Basic adjective 100基本形容詞3?
Basic adverb 100基本副詞3?
Basic words about time基本時間3?
Basic words about shape[[基本形]3]
Basic words about business基本仕事3?
Basic words about politics基本政治3?
  • Video Message (optional service):If you like, you can introduce yourself through the video message(within 1 minute). Please check the sample of video message below. Please introduce yourself both in English and Japanese. If it is difficult to introduce yourself in Japanese, then only in English is also fine. We prioritize the applicants with the video message and display your video message on the page our Japanese members check, so that you can expect to get your language partner much easily. Please select 『Yes』on the video message on the application form below.
  • Sample of video message

Live lesson on Facebook

  • Next free live lesson on the 14th June 10:30~. We introduce Japanese vocabulary beginning with Hiragana『お』. Please send us your Japanese sentences through the messanger on Facebook, then we correct your Japanese sentences to more natural Japanese for free. Learning vocabulary is the most important to improve your Japanese skills.

Update online Japanese tutor

  • Please click the profile and you can check the tutor's profile and contact with the tutor.

  • [check]Support lesson
  • Speaking : We correct your voice data through LINE voice message to more natural Japanese.


Basic Japanese lesson LevelⅠ~Ⅲ

  • If you don't have basic Japanese skills, we recommend our basic online Japanese lessons. With basic Japanese skills, you can learn Japanese more efficiently.
  • These lessons are the same as what are conducted at Japanese language school for beginner level. Usually it takes about 3 months to 6 months to learn them. We can offer you these lessons more efficiently with lower costs.
LevelⅠRequired time:1 hour~10 hours
LevelⅠN+N/N+V/N+adj/There is~
LevelⅡRequired time:2 hours~20 hours
LevelⅡVerb/Adjective/Noun form
LevelⅡTo make simple sentences
LevelⅢRequired time:3 hours~30 hours
LevelⅢJapanese patterns
LevelⅢwant to/May I/Would you/can
LevelⅢI think/had better/be going to
LevelⅢexperience/If/because/in order to
LevelⅢbecome/as/look like/etc
LevelⅢTo make complex sentences
  • Regarding the required time, it depends on how much you can concentrate on learning Japanese. You can make use of our free video lessons. With our online basic lessons and free video lessons, you can learn basic Japanese language much faster.
  • We are introducing 105 free video lessons on our website. We hope these materials help you to learn Japanese. We regularly update our free video lessons.

Speaking check service

  • Please click here and get more information.
      • If it is difficult to adjust time to take lessons, we recommend you Speaking check service. You can improve your Japanese speaking skills at your home. Please select 『Yes』on the application form below if you have an interest in Speaking check service.
      service fee1500yen per one trial
      good pointsYou can learn correct Japanese and more natural Japanese expressions.
      step 1We send you 3 Japanese questions by email.
      step 2You need to send us answers to the questions with your voice data by email
      step 3We transcribe your voice data.
      step 4We correct your Japanese and make it more natural.
      step 5We give you appropriate feedback.
      • Sample question:日本人(にほんじん)と仲良(なかよ)くなる方法(ほうほう)は?


  • Regarding the required time, it depends on how much you can concentrate on learning Japanese. You can make use of our free video lessons. With our online basic lessons and free video lessons, you can learn basic Japanese language much faster.

  • Japanese conversation(Daily life/Topic/Role play/Situation/Business conversation)
  • We have original textbook PDF for conversation practice. If you like, please click the letters(ダウンロード) below. It is written only in Japanese, so It might be difficult for beginner level. Let's ask your partner!

  • Please note this is not to guarantee that you can get the skills. It depends on how much the student can concentrate on learning Japanese. We recommend our students check our free video lessons before taking our Online lessons.

  • Please click here and get more information
    • Notopic/situation
      1basic Japanese :basic Japanese patterns/verb/adjective form/5W1H/Hiragana/katakana
      2free talking about update news : Let's talk about update news(movie,sports,etc)
      3making sentences practice : Let's make sentences with vocabulary on online flash cards
      4JLPT : JLPT practice from N5 to N1
      5at a job interview : How to apply for a job/answer questions by job interviewer,etc
      6emergency(119/110) : How to ask for a help from police office/fire office,etc
      7in the hospital/dental clinic : How to explain your symptom to your doctor,etc
      8in a restaurant : How to order what you like to eat,etc
      9in real estate : How to find an apartment which meets your requests,etc
      10in the office/company : How to make an appointment with a client,etc
      11at a party/blind group date : How to make friends with Japanese people in Japanese,etc
      12at department store : How to explain what you are looking for to a sales staff,etc
      13at a meeting/debate : How to convey your idea in Japanese,etc
      14at trouble consultation : How to comfort/encourage someone in Japanese,etc
      15at station/airport/taxi : How to ask/instruct the way you like to go,etc

Sample of voice message(English)

Sample of voice message(Japanese)

Topic conversation list

  • Please click here and get more information
    • Levelcurriculumtargetsample video
      1make sentence(words)word + word、pattern practice

      1make sentence(picture)word + word、pattern practice

      2situation conversationjob interview、hospital、immigration center、emergency、ask the way、real estate、barbar、ward office

      3topic conversationbusiness、education、travel、food、marriage、money、sports、crime、man and woman、movie、manga、love

  • Please click here and get more information
      • ます形(verb masu form)
        ~ましょうか(shall we)
        ~ませんか(would you like to do)
        ~たいです(want to do)
        ~にいきます(go to)
        ~すぎます(too much)
        ~にくいです(difficult to do)
        ~やすいです(easy to do)

      • て形(verb te form)
        ~ください(please do)
        ~はいけません(must not)
        ~みます(try to do)
        ~もらえませんか(could you/would you)

      • ない形(verb nai form)
        ~ないでください(please don't do)
        ~なくてもいいです(don't have to)
        ~なければなりません(have to)

      • た形(verb ta form)
        ~ほうがいいです(had better)

      • じしょ形(verb jisyo form)
        ~予定(be going to/plan)
        ~な(禁止形)(Don't )
        ~ために(in order to)

      • ふつう形(verb plain form)
        ~とおもいます(I think that)
        ~かどうか(whether or not)
        ~そうです(I hear)
        ~ようです(look like)

Currently recruiting new students for May intake

  • Entry qualifications for online group lessons
  • ①To be able to read Hiragana/Katakana.
  • ②To learn Japanese pronoun/basic verb100/adjective100/adverb100.
    ※If you are not sure about 2 points above, we provide you with free video lessons for Hiragana/Katakana and free basic online flash cards before you join our online group lesson.
    ※If it is difficult to learn ① and ② above by yourself, we arrange private online tutor who can help you to learn Japanese from 0 level.

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