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Learning Catchball


I am Taro Koyanagi, in charge of the Learning Catchball. I was manager at Japanese language school in Tokyo and started up this service to help people to learn Japanese.

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Learning Catchball's Japanese lesson

beginnerⅠlevelJapanese speaking test(JLPT N5 level)
pre-intermediate levelOnline group class(JLPT N4 level)
intermediate levelOnline group class(JLPT N3 level)
advanced level1 on 1 online lesson (JLPT N2 / N1 level)
Japanese speaking1 on 1 online lesson / language exchange lesson

Free trial lesson

Beginner Ⅰ level course


Online Basic Japanese Course3

Pre-intermediate level course

Learning materials N4

Online Basic Japanese Course4

Intermediate level course

Learning materials N3

Online JLPT N3 to N2 Course

Advanced level course


1 on 1 lesson JLPT003

Japanese speaking course

1 on 1 lesson JLPT003


Language exchange partner

Contact us / terms of use /特定商取引法 /個人情報保護基本方針/概要 /pctop/ language exchange lesson / 1 on 1 online JLPT /Online N3&N4全コース / 会話場面ページ / Learning materials(N5 course) /N5 and N4 level check test/ Online N3&Pre-N3全コース /Online N3/N4/N5コース /Online N3&N4全コース2/Online N3朝と昼 /Online homework speaking lesson/ Application for online speaking/ language exchange lesson2

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