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Recruiting new students for online Private/Group Japanese lessons

I am Taro Koyanagi at the Learning Catchball. We introduce you online Japanese tutors who can offer you online lessons belows. 


Sample online lessons

lesson curriculumSample online lesson
Vocabularyclick here〇
Japanese patternclick here〇
Speaking practiceclick here〇
JLPT(grammar①)click here〇
JLPT(grammar②)click here〇
JLPT(reading)click here〇
JLPT(listening)click here〇

Online private Japanese lessons


Update online Japanese tutor


Application fee0 yen
Lesson courseLesson fee
30 minutes course1500yen
45 minutes course2000yen
60 minutes course2500yen


Number of studentsLesson fee
2 students2000yen hourly per 1 student
3 students1500yen hourly per 1 student
4 students1250yen hourly per 1 student
5~ students1000yen hourly per 1 student

Online Group lesson with friends

StepⅠ:Application(for free)

StepⅠ:Please apply for online Japanese tutor's introduction service through the application form at the bottom of this page.

StepⅡ:Introduction(for free)

StepⅡ:We arrange online Japanese tutor for you who meets your requests.  After you check the tutor's profile and like to take the tutor's trial lesson, we forward the tutor's email address or skype ID or zoom ID to you.

StepⅢ:Trial lesson(for free)

StepⅢ:You can take a trial lesson for 20minutes. Your tutor will guide you about the lesson plan. 


StepⅣ:Please decide to apply for the tutor's lesson or not within 3 days after the trial lesson. If you like to try another tutor, then we will rearrange another tutor for you.


StepⅤ:If you decide to take the tutor's lesson, you need to pay lesson fees to your tutor's bank account.

Application form

terms of use

  • Our service is to support each entry person find a Japanese private teacher and language exchange partner(learning partner).
  • We(Learning Catchball) do not check each entry person's ID and do not take any responsibility for any troubles between
    you and your teacher/language exchange partner(learning partner).
  • We(Learning Catchball) can not be responsible for the truth of each entry information and the
    quality of each entry person's character(personality).
  • In case we(Learning Catchball) find your entry information is MLM business or false or illegal, we delete your entry.
  • In case you cause damage on learning-catchball,we(Learning Catchball) do demand payment to you.
  • In case you want to delete your entry information or withdraw from learning-catchball, please contact us soon.
  • We can not accept applicants under the age of 18.
  • We(Learning Catchball) revise these terms of use whenever we need.

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terms of use

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