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Review(language exchange partner)

画像の説明I liked a serious partner, Learning Catchball introduced me a good partner who was eager to teach Japanese and learn English. I meet up with my partner once a week,my partner corrects my mistakes through our conversation, It is so helpful for me
画像の説明I needed to learn Japanese conversation as soon as possible. Learning Catchball introduced me a partner within one week after my application. I think my Japanese is getting better.
画像の説明I am thinking of studying abroad, for that I needed to learn English and liked to make friends with international people. I am enjoying not only language exchange but also talking with my partner about many topics.
画像の説明I liked a partner around my age, Learning Catchball arranged a good partner for me. I am enjoying conversation with my partner.
画像の説明I want be a Japanese teacher in the future. My partner asks me many questions everytime, it is so good for me. Sometimes I teach Japanese to my partner in English, it helps me to keep up my English skill.
画像の説明I needed Japanese speaking skill for finding a job in Japan.My partner teaches me not only conversational Japanese but also interview practice. I request my partner to be an interviewer and ask me some questions in Japanese everytime in order to be able to communicate in Japanese well.
画像の説明I needed to practice Japanese conversation. I took Japanese classes at Japanese school, but I had few opportunities to speak in Japanese. We regularly meet up and enjoy conversation. I think it works well for me.
画像の説明I like to meet new people, so I joined this system. Learning Catchball introduced me a partner who met my requests. We enjoy not only language exchange but also culture exchange.If possible, I like to meet more partner.
画像の説明I liked a partner who corrects my mistakes. Learning Catchball introduced me 2 partners(male/female). They correct my mistakes and help me to improve my Japanese. I appreciate Learning Catchball so much.

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