Beginner to N5 course Learning materials

Beginner to N5 pre-lesson

Hiragana / Katakana


Basic Japanese vocabulary

Pronoun and kosoado
Basic Japanese verb
Basic Japanese noun
Basic Japanese adjective
Basic Japanese adverb
Words related to time

N5 001 vocabulary
N5 002 vocabulary
N5 003 vocabulary
N5 004 vocabulary
N5 005 vocabulary
N5 006 vocabulary
N5 007 vocabulary
N5 008 vocabulary
N5 009-10 vocabulary
N5 011 vocabulary
N5 012 vocabulary
N5 013 vocabulary
N5 014 vocabulary
N5 015 vocabulary

Beginner to N5 lesson

1How to make noun sentence + Kosoa
2Adjective form +comparison
3Verb group and form + Particle①
4あります/います+particles+Question words(interrogative)
5Masu form⇒Jisho form+たいです+ませんか
6Masu form⇒Nai form+なくてもいいです+なければならないです+ないでください.
7Masu form⇒Ta form+たことがあります+たほうがいいです.
8Masu form⇒Te form+てください+てもいいです+てはいけません.
9How to make Plain form
10How to make とおもいます sentence+adnominal form
11How to make から/ので sentence
12How to make 前に(まえに)/後で(あとで)and ~とき sentence
13How to make Kano form+できます/ことができます sentence
14How to make Iko form +ようと思う/つもり sentence
15How to make~くなる/になる+くする/にする sentence

Reference video(beginner to N5 level)

-~いきます/きます/かえります/go/come/be back

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