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60 topics for Japanese conversation

1病院で症状説明How do you describe your symptom?
2教育アドバイスHow do you advise in Japanese?
3部屋探しWhat kind of room are you looking for?
4レ ストランクレームHow do you complain?
5デートに誘うHow do you ask out on a date
6ス ポーツルールの説明How do you explain the rules of the sports
7タイムマシーンがあったらWhat if you get a time machine
8ジムに勧誘How do you recruit members for the gym
9購入についてHow do you ask in Japanese?
10ビザの更新How do you extend your visa

LCB e-textbook for 1-10 topics

11どんな性格what kind of person he/she is
12融資を受けるHow do you get a loan in Japanese?
13映画のストーリーを説明How do you explain the movie's story
14職業お勧めWhat jobs do you recommend?
15友達に相談How do you ask your friends to help you?
16旅行トラブルWhat if you ran into trouble in Japan?
17口座開設How do you open bank account
18面接を受けるHow do you take an job interview
19プロポーズするHow do you propose in Japanese?
20警察を呼ぶHow do you ask for help in Japanese?

LCB e-textbook for 11-20 topics

21どんな映画が好きwhat kind of movie do you like
22髪を切るHow do you ask your hairdresser
2310年後の世界what's the world in another 10 years
24プレゼンするHow do you give a presentation
25マッチングアプリの活用How do you use the dating application
26日本語学習で一番難しいのはWhat is the most difficult in learning Japanese
27行列に並ぶHow do you ask your friend to get in a long line
28日本の観光地紹介How do you introduce the tourist spots in Japan
29薬局にてHow do you get medicine you need
30日本人と親しくなる方法How do you become friends

LCB e-textbook for 21-30 topics

31ルームメイトを探すHow do you find your roommate
32コーチと選手How do you train the sports players
33ごみの出し方What's the rule of taking out the trash
34タクシー内の会話How do you enjoy the conversation in the taxi
35区役所での引っ越し手続きHow do you take the moving procedure
36応募資格の確認How do you ask qualification requirement
37温泉の入り方How do you take a hot spring bath
38隣人トラブルWhat if the room to next door is noisy
39銀行強盗を説得するHow do you persuade the bank robber
40結婚希望条件を伝えるHow do you convey your requests

LCB e-textbook for 31-40 topics

41日本の歌の歌詞Let's talk about the Japanese lyrics you like
42国際結婚の良いところWhat's the good points of international marriage
43歯の症状を伝えるHow do you explain your dental symptoms
44日本での自転車の乗り方ルールDo you know the rule of riding a bicycle in Japan
45職業当てクイズLet's guess his/her occupation
46恋人の性格の直し方How do you fix your lover's character
47整形手術を受けるLet's explain how you like to get a plastic surgery
48解約手続きについてHow do you take the cancellation procedure
49値引き交渉How do you get a discount
50地震が発生したらWhat if the earthquake occurred

LCB e-textbook for 41-50 topics

51日本の食べ物の紹介How do you introduce Japanese food
52親と教育論議Let's talk about education policy
53名刺交換How do you exchange business cards
54冤罪How do you resolve the misunderstanding
55退職後の生活についてLet's talk about life after retirement
56別れ話How do you say when you separate
57流行フ ァッションについてLet's talk about the trendy fashion in your country
58目撃状況の説明How do you explain the situation
59面接マナーについてDo you know the interview manners
60100円ショップCould you explain how to use it?

LCB e-textbook for 51-60 topics

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