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How to take online speaking trial lesson?

StepⅠ:Application for the free trial lesson

StepⅠ:Please apply for the free trial lesson through the application form at the bottom of this page.  

StepⅡ:URL and password for the padlet(speaking practice board)

StepⅡ:We inform you of the URL and password for the padlet which has Japanese speaking 3 questions.

StepⅢ:Try the speaking questions

StepⅢ:Please record your speaking(voice) data in Japanese through audio recorder function on the padlet. You can try 3 questions for a free trial lesson.



StepⅣ:Our certified native Japanese teachers correct your Japanese to more natural Japanese. We send you the corrected data within 2 business days.


StepⅤ:Level up

StepⅣ:You can check your Japanese speaking skills objectively and with the corrected data you can expect to improve your Japanese speaking skills.


Application form

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