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1 on 1 Japanese conversation lesson

1(Entry)To read Hiragana and Katakana and some Kanji
2(beginner)To make short sentences with basic Japanese patterns
3(N5)To introduce yourself and answer the questions about yourself
4(N5-N4)To do an exchange of conversation during your journey
5(N4)To explain your feeling and the reason
6(N4-N3)To make s short speech about something you have an interest in
7(N3)To talk about something with your friends/put your opinion into words
8(N3-N2)To use polite words and broken words depending on the situation
9(N2)To take a job interview and explain your requests or experiences
10(N2-N1)To explain the sequence or cause of events about something unexpected
11(N1-business)To present a paper/give a presentation in a business situation
12(Native)To state your opinions logically when you have a debate/convey subtle nuances

Service fee

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Online certified Japanese tutor


Topic conversation

Role play conversation

SituationA and B are friends. B got a bad score at test.
TaskYou play a role in A. Let's advise B to get a good score at next test within one minute at A③'s line.


Making sentences/Speech practice



Language exchange partner


language exchange partner's introduction fee


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