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Japanese Lesson curriculum(focus on speaking)

  • We can arrange lesson curriculums as per your requests. If you do not have any requests about the curriculum, we recommend curriculums below.

  • We can introduce these curriculums to our Japanese members(Japanese teachers,language exchange partners), so you can learn Japaneses with your Japanese teacher,language exchange partner through these curriculums.

Levelcurriculumtargetsample video
1Hiragana/katakanahow to pronunceGo to page for Hiragana、Katakana free video lesson(pronunciation、writing practice)
2verb/adjective3 verbs form/I、NA adjective form①Go to page for verb form video lesson ②Go to page for adjective form video lesson
3make sentence(words)word + word、pattern practice

3make sentence(picture)word + word、pattern practice

4situation conversationjob interview、hospital、immigration center、emergency、ask the way、real estate、barbar、ward office

5topic conversationbusiness、education、travel、food、marriage、money、sports、crime、man and woman、movie、manga、love

Japanese sentence pattern lists

  • Verb/adjective form:In order to be able to use sentence patterns, you need to learn verb/adjective form. This is very important. You can check free video lessons which explain about verb/adjective form.
  • pattern practice:In order to be able to communicate in Japanese,you need to learn sentence patterns. Japanese language has a lot of sentence patterns. Please check the lists below.

  • ます形(verb masu form)
    ~ましょうか(shall we)
    ~ませんか(would you like to do)
    ~たいです(want to do)
    ~にいきます(go to)
    ~すぎます(too much)
    ~にくいです(difficult to do)
    ~やすいです(easy to do)

  • て形(verb te form)
    ~ください(please do)
    ~はいけません(must not)
    ~みます(try to do)
    ~もらえませんか(could you/would you)

  • ない形(verb nai form)
    ~ないでください(please don't do)
    ~なくてもいいです(don't have to)
    ~なければなりません(have to)

  • た形(verb ta form)
    ~ほうがいいです(had better)

  • じしょ形(verb jisyo form)
    ~予定(be going to/plan)
    ~な(禁止形)(Don't )
    ~ために(in order to)

  • ふつう形(verb plain form)
    ~とおもいます(I think that)
    ~かどうか(whether or not)
    ~そうです(I hear)
    ~ようです(look like)

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