Private Japanese teacher,language exchange partner,Japanese conversation,JLPT in Tokyo,Kanagawa,yokohama,Saitama,Chiba.

Video lessons

Video lessons

  • We inform the applicant for Japanese teacher or language exchange partner introduction service of ID and password for free Japanese video lessons below(2017/6/19).
  • If it is difficult to understand each video lessons by yourself, you can ask your teacher/language exchang e partner.
  • Contentnumber of videoContentnumber of video
    Hiragana13 videosKatakana10 videos
    vocabulary140 wordsNumber3 videos
    sentence pattern18 videosverb/adjective17 videos
    JLPT7 videosConversation7 videos


Japanese Hiragana

  • Japanese Hiragana/Katakana/Number(day/month/week)


Japanese word game

  • Japanese shiritori/Hayakuchikotoba(tongue twister)

    word game

Japanese vocabulary



Japanese grammar(sentence pattern)



  • JLPT grammar(N3)

    JLPT lessons

formal Japanese conversation

  • Japanese conversation(formal)

    formal conversation

casual Japanese conversation

  • Japanese conversation(casual)

    casual conversation

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