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Online Japanese speaking Test

Basic or Practical level

①Reading aloudTo read out some words or some sentences aloud
②GrammarTo change an affirmative sentence to a negative/question/past sentence
③FormTo make Masu/Jisho/Ta/Nai/Te/Futu(plain) form
④Making a sentenceTo make a sentence with some vocabulary we instruct
⑤Q & ATo answer the questions we ask you.
⑥Conversation phraseTo say a conversational phrase for the situation(picture) with Japanese patterns we instruct
⑦Making a speechTo make a speech about a topic we instruct within 1 minute

How to take online Japanese speaking test?

Step①:We send you the URL for online learning board(padlet) with some questions.

Step②:Record your answers to each questions on the online learning board.

Step③:We check your answers and give you an evaluation sheet.

What's the online learning board(padlet)?


How to record your speech on online learning board?

Test fee

1 test1,500yen

Sample speaking test

Basic level test①basic test1
Basic level test②basic test2
Practical level test①practical test1
Practical level test②practical test2

Application form for a free trial test

Trial lesson questions
Reading aloud × 1 sentence
Translation × 1 question
Making a sentence × 1 question

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