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Online speech practice

Comment from members

It was difficult for me to fix the lesson time, so I tried this practice. I am so satisfied with this practice lesson.
Tutor corrects my mistakes, this is very helpful for me to improve my Japanese speaking skills.
Tutor gives me some topics on a various situation every time, so it is so interesting. I am so excited to try it. 
Tutor gives me an evaluation sheet and some advice to improve my Japanese skills, they help me a lot.

Evaluation sheet

LevelEvaluationJLPT level
0-2Beginner level:It is difficult for a listener to understand what you try to tell-
3-4Tourist level:A listener who gets used to listen to Japanese of non-native speakers can manage to understand what you try to tellN5-N4
5-6Student level:There are some mistakes in your speech, but a listener can almost understand what you try to tellN3-N2
7-8Business levelN2-N1
9-10Native levelN1-

evaluation sheet

speech practice flow

Tutor's service①Tutor corrects your mistakes and make them to more natural Japanese.
Tutor's service②Tutor gives you an evaluation sheet and some advice to improve your speaking skills
Practice timeWe send you some topics at 9:00 in the morning from Monday to Friday. You need to reply us by 18:00 on the day
Time for a speechLength of time is 1 minute at the maximum

How to start this service?

A and B course

Courseservice fee for a month
A course10,000 yen(1 topic a day/20 days)
B course20,000 yen(3 topics a day/20 days)

Application form

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English level

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