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Online group lessons

Service fee

ServiceLesson fee
Application fee0 yen
Trial lesson fee0 yen
Textbook fee0 yen

Lesson fee

ServiceLesson fee
Lesson fee①30000yen(20 lessons)※In case you take all lessons.
Lesson fee②24000yen(16 lessons)※In case you need not take basic knowledge lessons.
Lesson fee③If you take lessons part way through, lesson fee is on a daily basis(1750 yen a day).

I am Taro Koyanagi/manager at the Learning Catchball. We are recruiting new students for online group class below.

2020 August course


Lesson curriculum on August


Lesson on Monday

timelesson curriculum
The first week5w1H/Japanese pronoun/basic adjective
The second weekBasic verb/Tense/Jisho form
The third weekTe/Ta/Masu/Nai form
The fouth weekFutu form/adnominal form

Lesson from Tuesday to Friday

Japanese VocabularyTo learn Japanese vocabulary related to each topics. You can check them through online flash cards before the class. In the class you can practice making conversation and sentences with them
Japanese PatternTo learn Japanese patterns related to a variety of scene on each topics. You can check them through free video lessons before the class. In the class you can practice making conversations and sentences with them
Conversation practiceTo learn to have conversation in Japanese. You can practice them through role play and Topic conversation with your Japanese Teacher and your classmates

Basic conversation class


StepⅠ:Application(for free)

StepⅠ:Please apply for online group lesson through the application form below.

StepⅡ:Trial lesson(for free)

StepⅡ:You can take a trial lesson for 15 minutes on zoom and we guide you about the lesson curriculum. 


StepⅢ:Please decide to apply for the online group lesson or not within 3 days after the trial lesson. 


StepⅣ:If you decide to take the online group lesson, you need to pay lesson fees to our bank account in advance. 

Application form

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