Private Japanese teacher,language exchange partner,Japanese conversation,JLPT in Tokyo,Kanagawa,yokohama,Saitama,Chiba.

Japanese practice

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E-Learning(Japanese conversation)

  • We regularly update e-learning materials to help you to learn Japanese by yourself. If it is difficult to learn them by yourself, we can introduce a private Japanese teacher and language exchange partner to help you to learn Japanese.
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StepⅠ Japanese vocabulary

  • Learning vocabulary(noun,verb,adverb,adjective) is the most important factor to improve your language skill. We regularly introduce online materials to help you to learn Japanese vocabulary meaning and how to pronunce Japanese vocabulary.

Vocabulary practice

StepⅡ Japanese grammar

  • adjective group and form

Grammar practice

StepⅢ Japanese conversation

  • なんとなく(nantonaku)

Conversation practice


JLPT practice

trial lesson

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