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What is the Learning Catchball?

  • Learning Catchball was started up by Japanese teachers to introduce face to face/online private Japanese teachers/Language exchange partners to people who like to learn Japanese. And we started a counseling service for people who like to find Japanese language school. We can introduce them Japanese language schools in Tokyo,Kanagawa,Chiba,Saitama for free.

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How to find a Japanese language school?

  • We staff had worked at Japanese language school and our representative was a manager at Japanese language school in Tokyo for more than 10years, so we have a lot of informaotin about Japanese language school and can recommend you Japanese language schools which meet your requests.

  • The average total fee(tuition,admission fee,textbooks,facility,activity, etc) at the Japanese language school in Tokyo is about 850,000yen. We can consult with staffs at Japanese language school you like to enter and request them to give you discount(50,000yen~) about tuition(regular course student). If you like to get the lowest tuition fee, please apply for us through the application form at the bottom of this page. If you already have a visa to stay in Japan(short term course student), We request them to give you discount(10,000yen~

  • ※Regular course student means one who apply for language school and need to get a student visa to stay in Japan. The period of study is at least for more than 6 months.
  • ※Short term course student means one who already has visa to stay in Japan. The period of study is flexible.

Service fee

ServiceApplication feeIntroduction fee
Japanese school introduction0 yen0 yen
  • You do not get charged for this service. Because We get commission fee from Japanese language school by introducing them students.

Step to find a Japanese language school

  • StepⅠ:Please apply for us through the application form at the bottom of this page. After we accept your application, we ask you some questions to introduce you Japanese language schools which meet your requests. Please tell us your requests frankly, so that we can find the best school for you.

  • StepⅡ:After we find Japanese language school for you, we inform you of informatoin(area,tuition,website,etc) about schools.
    ※You can contact them directly and apply for them. But you can not get tuition discount.

  • StepⅢ:If you have an interest in the school, we consult with the staff at the language school about tuition discount. After you agree wtih the condition, we let them to contact you by Email.

  • StepⅣ:Please follow their instruction. If you have questions or there are something you are not sure, you can feel free to contact us.
  • Applicant from China,Nepal,Vietnam,Srilanka,Myanmar,Mongolia,Bangladesh need to submit documetns below to the Japanese language school. This is related to a rule of immigration center. Applicant from any other country needs to submit application form and photocopy of passport. But another documents below might be requested to submit. Please follow the instruction of a staff at the Japanese language school.
    Documents about applicants
    1. Application Form
    2. Personal History
    3. Purpose of Studying in Japan
    4.“Certificate of Graduation” from last attended school or “Certificate of Expectation of Graduation” from school now attending.
    5. Transcript from last attended school
    6.Certificate of enrolment and transcript(For student who is now enrolling)
    7.Certificate to prove history of studying Japanese
    8. Photocopy of Passport
    9. ID Photo 6 Pieces
    Documents about supporter
    1. Supporter Certificate
    2. Bank statement of supporter
    3. Bank Transaction Record Past 3 years
    4.Company employee: Certificate of employment/Company executive: Company Registration etc/Self-employed: Photocopy of Business license,Documents to prove length of service
    5. Income Certificate of supporter
    6.Documents to prove relationships between applicant and supporter,Birth certificate etc

Useful information about Japanese language school

  • There are many Japanese language schools in Japan and the number has been incresing. So it is quite natural that there are good Japanese language schools and not good Japanese language schools. Then how should we distinguish that? You should know these infromation below before you select Japanese language school in Japan.

  • [check]Appropriated school or not
  • We have appropriated school and not appropriated school. If the school's student care is not adequate and number of students who commit a crime like overstay are large, the immigration center in the area regards the school as not appropriated school. If you choose not appropriated school, then you can get a student visa for only 6months. At appropriated school, you can get a student visa for one year or one year and 3 months. And you need to extend a visa at Japanese language school if you like to stay longer in Japan. At not appropriated school, the immigration center need to check your application documents more strictly. Your application might not be approved. Generally speaking you can not get this informtaion from Japanese language school's website.

Application form

  • ※Red mark=Required
  • Our e-mail( is sometimes misclassified as spam. So please check your E-mail regularly.

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